An Ordinary Girl —Ishita Gupta

“An ordinary girl in fancy outfits.”
An invisible label on her head.
Her journey ridiculed and hardships neglected,
Her blood now, a fierce shade of red.

Stepped on the stage with poise and grace,
Determined to unleash her true colours.
A soft start with a perfect arabesque,
En pointe back curved to the side, other.

Immersed herself in hidden emotions,
She pirouetted to the very centre.
Then bent to form a beautiful teardrop,
Tears and life, her only mentors.

Following this was a front walkover,
Which ended in a perfect split.
Swiftly got up to deliver apenche,
With a peaceful smile on her pink lips.

As the soft melody came to an end,
So did her dance, her legs bent.
Twirling once, the audience blurred,
She leapt and flew into a firebird.

A graceful arc in slow motion,
And face filled with subtle emotions.
Sitting down with one knee bent,
“An ordinary girl with extraordinary talent.”

Dear Ishita, You danced the words into a perfect circle! Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 💐

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