Poems Upon the Pond -Michael33

There were poems
Upon the pond
Rhymes across the river
Vestal verses
Too close
To the fire…
Parchment singed
In the silence
Of words unspoken
Pens full of ink
Fractured by time
By human hands

Yet poetry still lingers
In the breeze
Through the branches
Of the willow
In songs
Of the sparrow
With the first blush of dawn

But love left in the rain
Has never rhymed
Without the sadness
Nor the madness
Of a poet’s heart
Left alone 
To linger –
In the silence

Michael at Vision of Poets… Click to read more beautiful, heart-touching poetry.

August 16, 2020 I had no idea Michael was dying of lung cancer. Today his blog post paused my thoughts. Death is a beast to tame. Michael’s words tame the hysteric heart.

He continues to bring beauty to the world regardless the way death treats him. I hope time allows you a pause to read more of his poetry. And let him know.

Be blessed by his beautiful life in words. Yes, beautiful is the way I see and know Michael. His words hit me internally every time I read him. There are no bad poems in his soul.

9/8/2020 Michael33 has passed from this life on to the next. He is remembered forever in his beautiful words. Peace. 🥀💫

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