Autumn – Shubhi Rawat

What a paradoxical fall!

Here the bleak and blustery nights

Are drenched in this thought

In this charade of a bliss

You carry the attire of deception

Always chanting for an electrifying connection

When your lips touch another

No warmth

Just a never ending emptiness to bear

One after the other

Days passes by,

This elongated silence remains unclear

You realise this now?

When the drops of rain touching your bare hands

Sliding from your palms and falling down

The one you let go

Yet you crave for more

You want love to accept you in different versions

To ignite your tingling temptations

But there’s only a vague attraction

No palpitations,

On the radiant surface

You’ve kept down your wandering desires to subjugate

In this kalaidoscope of superficial fame

Your words are trembling

And there’s no shame to keep them in agony

While your heart is constrained by the walls of insecurities

Every time you’re home

Carrying a weary smile,

You reminisce the euphoria of this passing autumn,

The deciduous pale leaves lying on the veranda

Reminds you of those sentiments that have gone plain

I wish, my dear

For spring to soon knock at your door

Cause only then,

You won’t miss me again

– Shubhangi Rawat

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