The Kindness Award – Intellectual Shaman (Poetry for Finding the Meaning in the Madness)

A Man in his Apartment

is staring at the city

where the night notices things

a motorcycle cruising

along a quiet street

making sound


during the day

We need disruption

things that don’t go our way


so we have something to puzzle over

Kindness is not threatening

so it rarely ever wins

but it is remembered with fondness

in secret

while the winner stands

like a golden man

a name, and not much more

the only award I was envious of

was the kindness award

it wasn’t called that in 6th grade, but that’s what it meant

I went back to that school, time and time again

20 years later

I found that name on a plaque

covered by so many other names

it was difficult to find

I wonder how long that name will last

I wonder if the boy who won

is still kind.

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