My Circus – GwenAnn (beauty of imperfection: the kintsukuroi life)

The Ringmaster has lost control
Of this, his favorite show,
The acts are going crazy
And he doesn’t even know!

The elephants are raging
The monkeys? Flinging poo!
While the audience is clapping
Over all of this ado

Eating popcorn, munching peanuts
As the Big Top comes alive
With the cries of the poor players
(I wonder who’ll survive)

The clowns are being eaten
By the tigers on the loose
While the bearded ladies try their best
To hide in the cabooose

The lion tamer is dancing
While the lions share the whip
And I’m pretty sure the trapeze is greased
So the tumblers lose their grip

Meanwhile the Ringmaster smiles and waves
From his place in center ring
Convinced he’s got things covered
And we all don’t know a thing

While I walk my line on the tightrope
Above the chaotic scene
My act has been forgotten, somehow,
At least that’s what it seems

So rather than running wildly
In a panic and a fuss
I’ll eat some popcorn and cheer along
From the safety of my truss

Controlling lies ain’t easy,
As every Ringman knows,
So when the circus falls apart
The trickery’s exposed!

Originally published 13 Dec 2017

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