A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)

It was in late-August,

the day my sister and I

returned home from summer camp

and our dog Pepper was not

at the door to greet us.


We called her name,


and we searched around the house,

but Pepper was nowhere

to be found.


That evening,

our father told us

that while we were at camp,

he had sent Pepper

to live on a farm upstate.


He explained that the city was no

place for an old dog like Pepper.

Besides he said,

leaning in close,

this was no ordinary farm,

but a magical one,

specifically for very old dogs!


He left it to us to fill in the details of

what a magical farm would look like,

but, we were still sad,

… if not a little intrigued.


But as yet, we had no reason to doubt his words


And then, a few days later,

our father came home from work

with a surprise —- 

a puppy we named,

Pepper 2.


And time went on …


Then, late one night,

almost a year to the day,

we got a phone call.

I answered.

It was Pepper.


She barked & whimpered

into the phone.

“Pepper is that you?” I asked.

“Are you ok, gurl?”



I heard a human voice say,

“Get that receiver away from Pepper!”

And then the line went dead.


It was then I knew our father had lied.

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