An Investment in Interesting – The Intellectual Shaman

I can’t get to the truth

the same way twice

because magic is the man who does impractical things

Beaten pathways are trod-on by hard-hitting people

their meaning is confirmed by money

but Death is the only currency

Why is it that a stranger has more love than a best friend?

Position, fame, and material gain

make living a laugh

while everyone tries to be exciting

the world is coming to an end

the hold-outs have value

kindness, a smile, a friend

those with little to say

say a lot

they give hope to humanity

because they don’t want to save it

and anyone who does, I stay away from

in my tiny room

where the walls speak

We are a thousand things in the dark

until we decide

to be one

and that

is an investment

in interesting.

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