Feathered Wings – Auroraboros (Objects, and the Distance Between Them)

Feathered wings,
In turn,
Fold and
Melting like
A good sin
Where does
One end,
Where does,
The next begin?

Four flames,
Two twins,
Four candles,
Flicker now in the wind.

Warm air,
Blowing in,
Holding you,
Blowing out and blowing through.

Coast to coast,
Your ghost,
The part of us I miss the most.

Pinch of Earth,
In both hands,
From either pole,
Dry land.

Blown out,
Floating now,
Wait for…
The sedentary come down,
Hold strong,
Hold out;
No doubt,
Storm is coming anyhow.

online at: https://objectsanddistance.com/

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