The Mid Nights- Qweisie Sparrow (Pee Kay)

The stars bear witness.
The 12 am knows best.
My blanket is my accomplice.
But my heart understands more.

In those silent lonely nights,
Glued to my phone
With my ear buds;
Only my heart beat understands more

With her on the frequency,
The duration ticking from 1sec to 1 hour;
Her voice flustered me.
Yet, only my heart understands more.

We talked, smiled, teased and giggled.
And when every eye closed in the midnight,
We were awake.
Yet only out hearts understand why.

The day we go on our honey moon;
We’ll sing songs of Solomon,
And shall await the midnight,
And share with it our greatest love.

Because the midnight,
Is the genesis of our greatest love
The midnight;
Knows us best.

©2020 voice_of_the_pen

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