Just A Friend – Yamini (Live Your Dreams 24/7)

To the one who’s just a friend,

They look at us confused when out of nowhere we start laughing. Can you count how many inside jokes we share? They feel like the third wheel when we are together. Can you feel anyone’s presence when we are together? They give us blank stares when we suddenly start our stories from the middle as if we had just been talking about it. Can you ever miss the links between our conversations?

They see us talking non-stop without needing a third one. Can we ever explain how an introvert like you and an extrovert like me became inseparable?

They talk about us like we are lovers. Why don’t we bother to correct their misconception? They giggle upon seeing us chill together. Why don’t we shut them up and lose our cool? They taunt us like we are hiding our true story from the world. Why don’t we remind them our stories are separate yet connected?

They look at us and comment, “Opposites attract”. Can you tell them how opposite we are and yet so similar? They see love where there is nothing but friendship. Can you tell them the meaning of ‘friends’?

They stare at us in search of answers to their never ending questions. Will they never find out that silence is the best answer?

-The one who’s just a friend

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