Your Own Little World – E.W. (Rambles of a Poethead)

She believes she has an expert opinion

Based solely on the world she lives in.

A home is a confined prejudice,

A neighborhood is gated in with its privileged benefits,

A city is an opportunity to voice your stigmatized statements,

And the state is merely the beginning of this blatantly mocking entertainment.

Imagine for a moment, if you didn’t live in your own little world,

You could possibly fall into wonder what land has haunted its inhabitants to unfurl.

Every action has its own price to pay, when will we be ready to paint a picture

Of this countries monstrosities and repeated failures?

We all exist in different times and space, you are not the world you live in,

Try to broaden your self perception with others bright horizon.

The world doesn’t revolve around your immediate circle of circumstance

But rather those who you would probably never give a second glance,

Let alone a chance to become a friend,

She is avoiding the only way to understand

All because she continues to live in her own little world;

Still acting folly as a school girl.



~E.W.~ (C) All Rights Reserved 2020

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