Supposition – Just Another Girl

I suppose
is better than bein’
locked up

stolen people – stolen culture – stolen songs
how many years beggin’
for those wrongs
to be righted
generations blighted

from the solid chain
from the whip’s pain
my people have moved on to
feelings of dejection
at daily, unexplained & subtle

what do them people want?
politicians pandering
what do those people want?
centuries awash
with righteous screams
they echo in the ears of the young
booted feet marchin’
towards their dreams

their lives are greater than zero
shades of
Gandhi, Martin & Mandela
they’ve stepped up:
strong new heroes

all these kids
clear angry eyes
brown & blue eyes
steadfast in their determination
to win that prize
marchin’ by day
speechifyin’ by night
swimmin’ through tear gas
& rubber bullets
black or white
they’re all willin’ to fight
they know what’s right

copyright © 2020 KPM

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