Bathroom Meltdowns – stoner on a roller coaster

Loneliness whispered to me
There’s nobody watching you
Nobody envying your smile
Nobody smiling at your tears
Nobody mocking your feelings
Not a single soul belittling your fears
So, breathe easy, hun
And it let it be
Loosen that knot in your throat
And set your grudges free
You can be mad, that’s okay
That boiling rage is weakening your heart
Punch something if you want to
Don’t let it burn you inside
I got dizzy and grabbed the sink
When my eyes brimmed and blurred my sight
My tears dragged weight out of me
Like a snake slithering out of its own skin
And I stood there, sobbing
A weightless shell of dry skin
Torrents of memories flowing into the sink
It just took a  whisper from my loneliness
To unbolt a storm of memories
That I concealed with chaos
From the courts of the world.

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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