Longing —Artemis Bronstein

As the summer slides

from my hips to my thighs

I cannot tear myself from thoughts

of your wild-cat eyes.

How your hands would caress

with such deftness and


traversing my

buttresses and valleys

as one who has known a land


before memory began

not a step


you find my secretive

sun-filled glades

bring forth lakes

where once there were none

til the whole mountainside

crumbles and trembles.

I was trying to remember

the first time I said

I love you.

Humidity and a summer night

and sweat of bodies

pressing together

ecstacy taking flight

opening up every pore of pleasure

every tingling

sensual receptor.

My reserves of sadness

a sea-glass jar of tears

shattered on the rocks.

I wanted to be carried away on

that tide of yours

so I clung to you

asked you never to leave me.

If my words are playful

yours are masterful

you take dun threads of reality

and spin phantom worlds

that I want hide inside

flee from the mundanity

that we both despise

you’re a composite

of contradictions

somehow there’s truth

in your lies.

How to not be together?

When we’re quantum particles

and one’s actions affect the other

even at a distance that

only the light of the most distant star

can traverse.

No one can explain this poetry of physics:

how when you stub out your cigarette

at the polar end of the city

the cold ash comes to settle on my heart;

how as your eyes close

I fall asleep,

and dream of you

and when the hot core of your doomed star

burns out

not a spark of your energy will disappear

but will elide into other forms

maybe I’ve already had my

fair share of your light

lending my moon

its sensual glow

Why can’t I let you go?

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