Take Me – Dale Beck (Future Daze)


Take me to the place,

where we sat in the sun with a fun picnic…

Where we smoked joints like the old days,

Where we knew love like heaven…

And you were heaven sent.

And I, the immortal eye,

Found Nirvana.

Take me to the time,

Where I sat with a book

And you sat between my legs…

Stroking my thigh

Enraptured as I,

The immortal eye,

Soliloquized on the sexual imperative.

Take me to the space,

Where you allowed me to act out,

My rockstar fantasy…

With hairdryer stand and dog toy microphone,

And I , The immortal eye,

Sang of rocknroll suicide.

And when I die,

No immortal eye,

These are the places I shall frequent,

And peace will be upon me…

As long as you are with me.

Journey completed.


online at: https://futuredaze.blog/

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