Where Do Vanished Things Go —Not Not Nerdy Girl

Where do vanished things go?
Because you have disappeared;
Your toothbrush in the bathroom
Your diary on the counter
And the scribbled words of your thoughts
Days incomplete

Where do vanished things go?
Are they lost?

Do they wander
And wonder where they ought to be?
Or have they gone someplace that we cannot?

Where do vanished things go
And do they ever come back?
Thoughts, feelings, and memories.
Where will I go, when I disappear?

I wonder if you  remember this place, the other place:
Chasing life around the garden,
Tumbling on uneven grass
Ham sandwiches and orange juice ice pops
Clinking coins in caravan parks
Frustrated games of Uno
do you remember that time when everything broke
Do you remember when you and I sat
And we talked for hours
Mum wasn’t home yet and you’d just stopped by to say hello
As you used to do
We talked about so much
And I wish I could remember it all
So I could play it on repeat 
Just to keep you here a little longer

Where did you go?
And where are you now?
Are you with the other vanished things?
Those other lost favourite things that we never again find

I hope that, at least,
Wherever you are
The sun sets perfect, every day
And you are travelling the world
Every place you ever saw
Or ever wanted to see
Carving life into the lost place
Filling another diary with your memories
Of this place where the  vanished things go

You will never be forgotten
In my memory, you are still here

But in the the lost place,
Where vanished things go,
You are at peace

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