The poetry archives #46 – Marts (for much deliberation)

Electronic sound populating my brain. 
My mind is on fire 
And I can’t think about what not to do. 
Another morning 
New things dominating 
Old situations still prominent 
The decision isn’t so difficult 
With uncertainty and distrust hovering over an inexperienced inconsistent soul. 
Now lets calculate the many ways that deem me unsuitable 
Lets count the many things I cannot do 
Then turn off the lights and think of other things encompassing people and situations of worth
Of items outside imagination 
Where the likes of passion and optimism and progress thrive. 
I’ll remove myself from the dark things and the dark thoughts 
And the negatives trying to overpower my reason 
I’ll disconnect from worthless celebrations 
Or where someone once possessing degrees of confidence 
Now displays doubt 
Or aspects of fear. 
There is nothing to celebrate here 
And the fire in my mind has now been quenched… 
Electronic sound still populates my brain… 

© mvclarke, 10 June 2017 

From my observatory 20170610

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