Stupid Holes – Stella

I come to let you in on a secret

The secret is……

I am hated

I’m imperfect

And I am hated

I’m unforgiven——able

I’m hated for….


And for begging

I’m hated for my round ass

And the freckles on my cheeks

I’m hated for succeeding when I shouldn’t have

I’m hated for my words

And for these damn emotions


And unforgivable

I’m hated because I can’t stand to lose a friend

I can’t take being left:(

I beg…. please don’t go:(

I’m hated for my silence

And I’m hated for my stupid mind

I’m hated because I care too much

I’m unforgivable

I’m hated for being me

I’ve been hated for holes in my shoes

And for my dirty hair

I’m hated for my smile and my laughter

I’m hated

And unforgivable


On rare occasion…..

I’ve been loved

Loved unconditionally

Love that fades all hate

And I’ve loved

I’ve loved completely

And hard

And beautifully

I’ve been loved

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