M – Rascuno – Draft


Just as spring came, so did the day of that flower so particular that it graces our gardens. The one that perfumes our days and brings us joy with its multicolored petals, which despite being in evidence in the spring remain beautiful in any season, not only physically but from the heart. It has thorns, of course, but it does not use them with the intention of hurting, it uses them as a shield to fight evil. She sings, dances, plays, smiles, and laughs at everything, she has no bad time. She knows how to be a friend, partner, girlfriend, warrior. If you know her, you know that what I say is true and should be flattered, it is not always that you find an M with such an open heart.

for more from this deep feeler, click on over: https://rascunhodraft.wordpress.com/

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