Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)

The internet,
A wondrous thing,
Mankinds ultimate achievement,
Turned to all manner of both evil and benevolence,
Is it an information matrix?
Or is it information supervision?

Trust not those who control speech,
Dark forces,
Shrill tweets of birds of prey,
Updates on a thousand-faced tome,
Pornographic cyanide to be injected,
Assembling an army of automatons,

Are social media giants corporate necromancers?
Because they practice mastery over dead minds,
We crane our necks to gaze at the screens,
Even the most astute of us,
Like zombies,
But we only rot within,

Those radio towers,
Icons of duplicity,
The old adage declares,
Knowledge is power,
But is this knowledge impartial and sincere?
Do you spread discourse or discord?

for more hatched birds, and even better hatched words, click on over:

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