The Artist in Love —David J Hopcroft

The Artist in Love

The pen moves gently along the lines

Sometimes pausing with the artist’s thought

Then rushing forward like a dam that has burst

Creativity that quenches the artist’s thirst

Scenes feelings and emotions all brought together

Words then are tokens of so many different signs

The pen now sketches out a picture on the card

A butterfly and moth at rest or maybe a naughty monk

Love’s bond captured or a portrayal of comedy

Maybe a botanical touch with leaves of chard

Scribbled lines then the piece could be discarded as junk

For with pen and ink mistakes have no remedy

A blank card then pictures cut and a tube of paste

Beads that decorate love’s message to the other

A collage that spells out feelings and emotion

All must be given truly and nothing goes to waste

Declarations that are open as both of them discover

The flourish of the artist that yields to true devotion

Neat stitches join a Paisley pattern and a garment made

A shirt or a cushion where one might lay a weary head

When craft will now become the messenger for each

Acrylic flows of paint drying out as a foundation that is laid

Once painted the canvas offers hope not dread

As artists in love find they have so much to learn and teach

Copyright: David Hopcroft May 2020

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