cheat – A Writer’s Soul

What a strong word,
Such a powerful word to claim,
I am, you are, and we are,
Cheaters and liars,
Victims and addicts to the power being on their minds,
Such a powerful feeling to try and move on from,
I cheated, on you, on us, on what we were,
And now I’m left with this guilt and shame,
Fallen far from the high I held when I never got caught,
Was never held,
But I held to that scarlet letter proud, and prude,
Because that’s what you do when slander,
And victims of their own making attack,
Let the truths and lies mix in the town square,
You cheated, on us, on me, on what is,
And you drew your scarlet letter boldly,
Making it known the shame did not come from you,
The guilt was never felt expect by those addicts,
Clinging to the power of a feeling that was created by a single moment.

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