You Had Me at Gossamer

It was vintage us

You the broken down stranger

On the side of the road I accidentally turned on

I was a complete mess on the verge of

God only knows what

I had escaped the snake pit and was

Riding my way to hell in hopes of

Never to be seen again

And there you were

Gossamer calling me home

A phantom darkness with a halo of light

Not big, red, hairy, with feet dressed in

Oversized tennis shoes

That would be a hoot


Pale gossamer silk threads

Woven by 60 spiders with 60 more

Waiting to spin their own webs

Across your saintly charm

Reluctant, I let you in and slid into the

Passenger side of my own doom buggy

How quickly I gave up control

We came quickly to a hill on an old cliff

With the skeletal remains of a spiral staircase

To the heavens where neither of us could go

So we built ourselves a home and we

Called it our own

I baptized you in my flames

Every Goddamned day

And you promised me forever

You’d always stay

But as luck would have it

Wildfire can’t be tamed

Oil and water and madness and dismay

Who would have guessed I would be the one

To run away

Erased you from my memory

Watched you fade

Till the very last drop of you

And then I’d realized my mistake

I ran through the woods

As the thorns pierced my disgrace

Tattered and torn and ruined vintage lace

At the top of our staircase

All that remained

Was the pale of the moonlight

Dancing across your solemn face

I reached out to hold you

Beg you to stay

Yet it had become clear now

You no longer cared what I had to say

Several years later

We’re in a much better place

I live in the sunlight

And you’re doing ok

We’re sharing our beds now

With others who seem great

But I’ll never forget

What it feels like to be your fate

Reading your prose

No longer your muse

Once red, orange, and white flames

Now glowing in blues

I can’t even get close enough

To make out your hue

But you had me at gossamer

And once upon a time

I had you too

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