Canadian Sonnet – English (Notes) – JG Farmer (Raven)

Structure: 2 quatrains and 2 triplets
Meter: Decasyllabic or pentameter
Schema: abba bccb efg efg

Example: Champagne Flute by Jez Farmer

Two bubbles within the glass flute appear
Both born of wine to rise in time as one
For destiny will never be outdone
As streams of condensation swiftly clear
In icy cold sweetness we celebrate
A joining the mystic eyes could not see
The union of love ‘twixt you and me
As the heart rules in the matters of fate
Your gentle hand in mine as we sip wine
And it fizzes and chills on tongue and lip
No more wine with my hands holding us hip
To hip as we kiss; a shiver through my spine
Like the flame that kindles a raging fire
For in love you are all that I desire

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