duvet days – kate58 (just another girl)

mournful winds
threatening skies of grey
is off the table for today
rain is falling
oh so fine
liquid diamonds dangling
from the clothesline

but it’s okay
if my plans go astray
gonna grab my blanket
give myself a duvet day

to start, a big breakfast
I will cook
feed my face
reading my favourite book
a long hot shower
will make me feel blessed
but I’ll not get
properly dressed

because my plans
have gone astray
gonna treat myself
to pajamas all day

hot chocolate
in my favourite cup
on a wee table
the remotes are all lined up
fuzzy socks on my feet
blanket pulled up to my chin
cushions comfortably arranged
now to cosy in

I’m glad
my plans have gone astray
cause sometimes there’s nothing better
than a duvet day

copyright © 2020 KPM at https://faithfullymine.wordpress.com/

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