we are not disposable – kate58 (Just Another Girl)

time may slow, days may lag
I’m older now so my breasts sag
my skin no longer a burnished gold
but I’m not useless: I’m just getting old

grey – a bit thinning – grows my hair
it takes a bit longer to get out that chair
wrapped in a blanket cause I’m often cold
don’t make me less worthy: I’m just a little old

as a person, I’m still nice
possessed of years of valuable advice
wisdom that will go untold
cause folks don’t wanna listen when you’re old

yeah, I was once a supple teen
for new experiences I was so keen
discard our elder folk due to Covid-19?
I say bugger off: the idea is obscene

old? perhaps, but I’ve still much to give
all ages – all races – have the right to live
I’m not yet ready for death to take hold
you can’t dispose of people just cause they’re old

copyright © 2020 KPM

for more from this deep feeler, click on over: https://faithfullymine.wordpress.com/

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