What a what! – Tomic Riter

what a vibrant black evening!
what a wind!
what a tree!
what a clouds in what a sky!
what a colours orange yellow and blue
all turning grey
what a grey sky it will be soon!
what a white lightning!
what a kid getting blown away by the wind!
what a smell of fresh rain
gone before night
you are slow, what a slow you are!
almost disappearing
I am too, not as much as you
but I am too
again, what a wind!
what a sky without colours!
what a mute thunderstorm!
again, what a rain
and it is falling
what a murmuring of boring women!
what a boring play of blabbering kids!
what a boring crow
flying back to its tree!
what a useless me
watching and hearing all this!

© Copyright 2020 Tomic Riter. All rights reserved

for more Writs by Tomic, click on over: https://tomicriter.in/

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