Wonderland – Harley Reborn

Should I ever want to visit wonderland

All I would need to do is

Follow the white rabbit

To my vanity

And gaze into my oversized mirror

I will see many things that are

Not quite as they appear

And the thoughts that cloud

My judgement

Are all mad here


I shouldn’t have eaten that

Now I am too big

I’ll drink this and it’ll make me small

My cheshire cat grin

Fades at the fear of smile lines

Grab tweedle dee and tweedle dum

Aka eye cream and moisturizer

To make my skin a silk dream

Hair like dancing flowers

Pink blue purple teal and green

Round brushed and flipped out

Surrounded by caterpillar smoke rings

Mad as a hatter thinking

Anything really matters

Makeup spread out like cracked tea cups

As I try to lift my spirits up

Painting my lips red

Elongating my lashes

Lids bowing to her majesty

The queen of the shadow brushes

But in the end it’s off with my head

I wish I could grab another

For the gift of hating my reflection

I’ll thank my father and my mother

I won’t wake up beside a tree

For one reason or another

A constant struggle to accept me

And see through the eyes of my lover

for more from this imaginative imaginator from imagination island, click here: https://harleyxreborn.wordpress.com/

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