Maths and Love – WildHeart

Two plus two is always four,
Get it right for the perfect score.
Complicated are the formulas,
Scarier than the tarantulas.
But once you get the hang of it.
Believe me, it shall do the trick.
Maths is comparatively simple dear
It’s love that you should fear.

Rose isn’t always the perfect flower,
And things can easily turn sour.

There’s no formula to it,
You gotta trust your instinct.
But then again, you could be wrong,
And you’re all alone with sad songs.
Don’t put your pretty heart at risk,
Once broken, it’s hard to fix.

The game of hearts is sleazy,
Comparatively, numbers are easy.
Two times three is always six,
And mistakes are easier to fix.
Yes, it can be difficult to understand,
But maths never misunderstands/
So, I’m gonna stick with mathematics.
And not put my heart at risk.

Featured image by: Thanasis Papazacharias from Pixabay

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