Keep going… – Joseph Emerson

Slipping deep into my alternate

crawling in my own skin,

anxiety has shown itself

a familiar fight, I cannot win.

Near blind with blurry eyes,

clock says it’s only 2am,

yet my mind’s been racing

since, about a quarter past 10.

Fifty-some odd days

odd, is, to say the least,

suppressing my inner evil

imprisoning the beast.

Life tossed upside-down

Again? Why the hell not?

Life was getting too easy,

We needed to stir the pot…

Stuck in my little cage

grasping for breathable air,

snapping at any intruders,

“Please, don’t poke the bear”.

I’ve reached max capacity,

Sorry, I cannot control this,

It’s horrifying to even mention

the prescriptions that I miss…?

Although numbing.

I was near non-existing.

At least I was sleeping.

No turning.  No twisting.

Now spilling my shame,

with my keyboard in hand,

the alarm is about to go off…

Again, it is time for me to stand.

©2020 Joseph Emerson @

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