Pole Dancer – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)


wrapped her frustration
in the prettiest attire
glistening like a crystal
she became the fire

stepped inside the bar
soaring high in heels
leaving behind the tears
alive is what she wants to feel

yearning for freedom
petrified in taxing pain
the overflowing wine
left a non washable stain

emptying the glass contents
discarding the tasteless wine
let the excitement begin
earning for survival is prime

money the important hurdle
she crossed, dancing on poles
fulfilled all her dreams
dared not dominated by any soul

pondering over the right or wrong?
every human being is a mess
money is what rules us all

she wanted to be the Empress

@ Kritika

for more from this creative soul, click here: https://undressedthoughts.com/

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