If We Met – Yassy

If I met you, I would be looking at you with stars in my eyes;
And I would feel my heart race, my pulse rise...
Meeting you would be like an adrenaline rush
I would hide my face so that you would not see me blush.
Maybe I would be tongue-tied
Stammer to say the things I feel inside.
I would feel the softness of your breath as you whispered in my ear
I would hear your heartbeat that to me is so dear.
I see you in all the things that I do
That you are not with me makes me somewhat rue.
I will always carry a piece of you with me
The reflection of my emotional sensibility.
To a special place, I make my way
A forever dream that I indulge in everyday..

for more from this vibrant and creative spirit, click here: https://yassy66.wordpress.com/

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