Motif Lately —Daniel Paul Marshall

Motif Lately


The bloated bleating, cross-wired metonym.

A chasm, chiasmus;—this stainless steel fork

& knife for splitting pictures of a body.

Folds & creases in zoom, gorges—the eyeball,

scrupulous, dilated pupils: Earth from space, cocooned

in the milk of gods—a lukewarm swab to rim the eyes,

crusty rheum scooped out; the thankless trees,

become themselves, their own nomenclature.


Wind-woke-humming, haywire machinery

: I woke sleeping last night, unbuttoning a floor

of cotton, descended; perhaps I wanted…

to unzip my bed & shimmy in metaphorically.

I woke proper, switched on the lamp to find

my bed sheets sprawled across the room

me, shaken from the struggle in my dream,

from the substrata leaking out before dawn.


Sun worship…

Do go read the rest of the poem. An intellectual delight is found @ Daniel Paul Marshall

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