My Screensaver – Wildheart

We said our good byes,
We broke all ties.
Our memories, I buried
Far from you, I hurried.
I moved on, I said
No place for you, I made
The busiest bee, I became
My erratic mind, I tamed.
Hitting the gym everyday,
Sticking to a routine,
Not leaving a minute empty,
I’m always so very busy.
With a coffee, I always grab a book,
While driving, I plan my entire day,
I don’t sleep, I pass out on my desk,
As I bathe, I listen to the news.
No time to catch a breath,
I made sure of it,
My brain can’t be left idle,
But every so often I slip.

I forget the page I was reading,
Or zone out in the middle of the day,
That’s when my brain flashes,
Sweet memories of you and me.
You’re the screensaver of my brain,
Can’t leave it idle for a second,
Else it’ll take me to the memory lane,
Of our broken vows and unfinished story.
Like a screensaver in the computer,
The images of us appear,
Your dazzling smile, our passionate kisses…
Over and over again, it’s on replay.

I’ve been doing all I can,
To keep you off my mind.
But every so often,
Why do you have to return?

For NaPoWriMo Day 30.

Featured image by: lambhappiness from Pixabay

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