POEM: The Unblemished & the Indelible [Day 22 NaPoMo: Ottava Rima] – Bernie Gourley

[Ottava Rima is an open form of Italian origin. It uses 8-line stanzas with a rhyme scheme of abababcc. English language ottava rima are frequently, but not necessarily, written in iambic pentameter. Historically, this form was most often used for long heroic narratives.]

The savior stained in service washes clean.
She needn’t worry that blood will mark for life.
The crimson blot doesn’t equally demean.
It’s unkind to those unjust with the knife.
The spotless mind doesn’t glow from good hygiene.
We are told tales: Orpheus and Lot’s Wife —
that tell us, to remain naïve is bliss
and you can’t escape thoughts you can’t dismiss.

for more from this author, please click the following link: https://berniegourley.com/

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