Raven —Mayuri Barve

What makes a raven stand out?

I ask the black bird perched on my desk.
She makes no movement and continues to stand still when I ask, if it’s the grotesque.

Surely then, it must be death, I further ask,
But she stays stiller still as if wearing an invisible mask.

Then myth, I say
And she looks like a statue made of clay.

Magic? I dare,
And I’m sure she puts on an air.

Ah, I say, I’ve hit a nerve at last,
While she proceeds to look aghast.

But before I could say another word,
Make my case further heard,
She cocks her head,
Filling my heart with dread.

She moves then, spreading her wings with all her might,
‘Nevermore’ she croaks before disappearing into the night.

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