countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr.

Image is cropped from a photo by Engin_Akyurt @

the fires of life taste the flavor

of dwarf gardens in poets’ dreams

raised by cold river on rushing currents.

nearby, a bare tree smiles at the sky

and rises directly to the wind:

behold the promise of a fountain fall

to dissipate the fancies on rays

of countless sun colors that knit

the fabrics of a boundless morrow.

© said sadain, jr.  2018

Published by grumpygorman

I am a Social Worker by day and an artist/writer by night. I use the written word in an attempt to make sense of the secret worlds and dysfunctional dynamics that lurk beneath the facades of our daily interactions. I am not sure how my writing styles are characterized, nor am I overly concerned about it. I am immensely enthusiastic about music and often connect better with songs than I do people. I also have an intense appreciation for quality wines and whiskies, frequently consuming them in excess. I like things that smell good and struggle to manage the symptoms of a life-long relationship with depression. So, why "grumpygorman"? Spend some time here and find out...

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