Animals Come Out to Play – Richela Rosales

The world quietens
In the face of
Human tragedy,
And we people
Feel it like a shiver
In our spine.

We’ve heard of the
Circle of life,
Strange to find out
That it’s not a myth.

Yet the Earth doesn’t
Actually feel the tragedy,
Birds fly in the sky
Unencumbered by planes,
Dolphins swim where they want,
Uninterrupted by humans,
Turkeys walk down the
Streets of Madrid,
Just because they can.

The waters are bluer
And I could have sworn
The air smelled cleaner
As I waited in line to
Go into the grocery shop.

And we have to admit
That deep in our hearts,
The lack of mourning from
The rest of the universe,
Is just a little bit unsettling.

It’s human arrogance
To believe we should be missed,
When two dozens species
Were declared extinct last year
And we don’t know their names.

It’s just a reprieve,
Well all know that,
But for a second
It makes us seem
Like the ever-conquering
Villains, as opposed to
The undeserving victims.

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