It is in the mood to rain —Kritika

It’s going to rain,
for you never know
it could be echoing somebody’s pain;
the feelings that were so strong,
for the emotions held for long,
though the time was less,
but the moment was a caress;
like a feather touch
precious to hold onto,
but, it flowed out like water,
unstoppable yet nurturer.

The rain is now lashing out,
onto one and many,
could have been some words
that were spoken times too many,
only to be read and felt.
For the words were not enough.
And now the spill is out,
drowning every drought,
filling in all the blanks,
frightening the life balanced on planks.

The rain has gone soft now,
like a drizzle,
caressing every blow.
For the time has come,
for a new journey to begin.
All looming dark clouds
have now moved on,
because it is time
to start a new song.

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