Ghost – Mvadi


In the midst of

What used to be mine,

What is not mine now and

What will never belong to



With the wind chimes

Tangoing in and out

Of the endless sky of my mind,

A prison that looks open

But is truly

So cruel.


A shadow of what once was,

Pieces of this restless soul of mine

That can’t sleep.

I wish I could close my eyes sometimes

And forget that this ghost

Is here,

Forever a part of me.


My mind is a mess again,

So is my head,

My body is distraught as ever

But I’m still trying to live

Despite all the pain.


Tell me the sadness doesn’t last,

That the insomnia will melt away one day,

And I’ll sleep soundly tonight.


I see the tragedy of who I used to be

In your eyes and I can’t believe

It’s me I’m seeing.

I see the love I thought

I wanted but could never

Call my own.

Heaven knows I tried.


Everything seems to be awry, and

I am baffled by it all, aren’t I?


I’m lost, just one more time,

Before I go.

I’m trying to understand things

That I’ve never known before.


Don’t tell me I’m thinking too much,

I’m not.

I’m really so tired of myself.

Tell this ghost to go away already.

© Mvadi 2020.

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