Memory of a Stranger – Mitchell David Ring

This is why I can’t forget your face

because I see it everywhere. Everywhere

In city light constellations, empty windows

always lit by incandescent bulbs

which I can hear humming at that awful pitch

you’re there, and here I am in plain sight

but you never turn to look at me

In a siren wail through the night I hear your voice—

I never understand what you’re saying

but I always listen closely, hoping this time I might

Your breath is clearest in moments before dawn

a whispered revelation of some great truth

the kind that’s impossible to know until you’ve said it

and then it’s the simplest thing I’ve ever heard

but still there’s some new door open because of it

and like a fool I waited for your invitation

not realizing that the gold key you gave to me

was already stuck through my chest into my heart

Now I see your eyes in the streetlight glow

I hear your laugh in the only river through this city

and I feel some hand, maybe yours

invisible, extended, grasping, turning the key

and slowly winding the rusted gears of my heart

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Image by Pavlofox from Pixabay

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