Before You’re Ready (#126) —Dangerkit

do everything before you’re ready
like drugs and projects
release it to the world
before you’re ready
before you die
use your misguided resilience
share life at a jukebox
carve out chunks and hand them to a special soul
demolish the futility of your goals
get caustic
when you find yourself pouring the last crumbs of routine down your jaw, use it as an exercise to revise. blast each blanket from its crest, inviting a wrong and a right. show up again and again and feel the intense pain of giving a damn. it’s so much fucking easier to swallow off and be above townships. you are different. you enjoy you. you fail because you’re fucking crazy and only you know it. it’s all a dance on a piano. you tire of yesterday’s major scale. it’s bright and it’s wild. ravage it you fucking beast.

Go against with Dangerkit.

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