Spaceship – Shllyn

We often joked about dying

Together in a spaceship

Blasting off above clouds

That looked like cotton fields

Toward the woman in the sky

We both fell in love with

And wrapping up our wanderlust-filled adventures

With the most exciting one of them all

Our eyes have cherished the moon

At her most brilliant moments

And we’ve kissed beneath her loving glow

More than I could have hoped when we met

But less than I still desire tonight

As you sleep covered in a sterile white hospital sheet

It looks like we”ll never make it to the stars

You may not even make it until tomorrow

So in the room that I requested have a view of the moon

With the blinds wide open

Like every night since you checked in

We held hands and both struggled to breathe

Below the light for which we could never satiate our desire

I’d like to believe she knew

And blew every cloud out of the sky

To get one last look at your stunning face

Or maybe it was you who held on long enough

Until she was able to be fully present for your grand departure

SWD 07/2019

Updated 02/2020

This is a fictional piece but I think I’d like to take this story further.

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