sophisticated chaos – foxesandpoems (A Woman is a Poem)

the systematic sophistication of chaos

in defense of reincarnation

I was drafted in the mingling of ennui 

and half moon martini olives

drifting in the hapless mendacity

of some tepid soirée

at some darkened apartment

in some listless city

I stood in the foyer

hoping to be mistaken

for a Grecian urn

a Trojan horse

a sardonic succulent

in a postmodern vessel

and everything 

was pedestrian

everything was bisque

in the peripheral 

it was the epitome

of status quo

not to be confused

with quid pro quo

which is factually 


and an impeachable offense

it was the same white noise

over the same white russians 

when some someone 

addressed me, directly

by saying

“I get this vibe from you

it’s like— you’re an old soul”

this, a voice wholly unknown

came from some someone 

so unmemorable to me

that they can only be

recalled as some someone

for the purposes of this poetry

so on invisible axis 

I turned to the owner 

of the words

the elusive some someone

bemused at 

how randomly fitting it was

how strangely apropos

yet somehow understated 

and oversimplified

had no one told some someone 

there’s no such thing 

as nascence, anyway?

there is no infancy

in the infinite

all beginnings 

are actually continuations

and rampant are the parallels

in the paradox of the journeys

so many variables

in the try agains and game overs

the welcome backs 

and you sure about thats

the little heavens 

and little hells 

in the exponential

so this suggestion

from some someone

those two words

old soul

repetitive, really

a demonstration

of tautology

not to be confused

with astrology

which involves gazing

into a crystal ball


making shit up

based on the sky

with doe-eyes 

more befitting

a reel of pornography

I worried, momentarily

that some someone

might be blinded 

in the white headlights 

of my past lives

incapable of comprehending

the feverish reiterations

of a woman, of a poem

the madness stirred

and sorrows cured

yes, some someone

how did you know?

I am an “old soul”

(aren’t we all?)

the intersecting timelines 

tirelessly rewritten

in the calligraphy 

of sophisticated chaos

my symbolist femininity 

prolific yet no where near


countless as embers

in the eyes of the arsonist

lost much, I have

take back, I will

with a smile

with the curve of a leg

as long as the Nile

both blessed and damned, I am

empires risen, loves fallen

winters and newborns

weddings and warnings

the truth is, some someone

I’ve died a thousand times

and I will do it again, and again… 

and again

and again

a. duncan, 2020

for more at ‘A Woman is a Poem’, ya might fuckin’ click here: (LINK DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE WORKING BUT YOU HAVE GOOGLE, LAZY)

Lyrics:I’ve been sleepwalking through the railway station
Wake me up when they call my destination
Where I’ve been, I was bound to leave behind
All device and all disease was mine
I’m speeding out of reach

Oh, you’re the one I had to meet

video song: ‘a1’ by Nils Frahm 

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