Woman…a poem- hitandrun1964

she felt their eyes upon her
as their hungry thoughts rushed through her body
the colors of their desire
splattering against the wall behind her
as they always did
she pretended not to notice
engaging them
would only encourage them
and then
she would want to kill them
so she kept walking
her hand in her pocket
wrapped around
the cool handle
of the gun
that was nestled there


for more at Rethinking Life, click here: https://gigisrantsandraves.wordpress.com/

Published by grumpygorman

I am a Social Worker by day and an artist/writer by night. I use the written word in an attempt to make sense of the secret worlds and dysfunctional dynamics that lurk beneath the facades of our daily interactions. I am not sure how my writing styles are characterized, nor am I overly concerned about it. I am immensely enthusiastic about music and often connect better with songs than I do people. I also have an intense appreciation for quality wines and whiskies, frequently consuming them in excess. I like things that smell good and struggle to manage the symptoms of a life-long relationship with depression. So, why "grumpygorman"? Spend some time here and find out...

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