Peeping Poet – Harley Unhinged

a clever pouring of rhyme – GG

Peeping poet

Peeking in my window

Hoping to catch a glimpse of

Oh…you know

Wishing I’ll inspire you and

Help you find your flow

Envious you’re on the outside

In the cold

The dark

The snow

Ivory is my skin

Poison is my tongue

Yet all you can think about while

Freezing there is how you

Wish you were the one

But peeping poet

Don’t you know

Reflective is the window

Time has not been kind to you

Your creepiness

You peeping mess

Just grows and grows

Move along now

You’ll never obtain

All that you came

Here for

It’s over now

Don’t you know how

To get up and walk on home?

One foot

In front of the other

Go on

Find yourself a real lover

No longer can you make believe

So cease your fucking worship of me

Leave my frosted window be

Give up on your worthless dreams

Go home and find a mirror and

Allow yourself to truly see

The creeper lurking

Inside of thee

for more from Haaaaaaaaarley, find here here:

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